ODLink Practice Management Software Comparison

OD Link has no large up front fees or long term contracts which eliminates the financial risk associated with other practice management software. Call 888 ODLINKS (888- 635-4657) for a free demo, or email us at

See a comparison of ODLink to other leading practice management software packages below:

 Item OD Link maximEyes ™ Compulink™ VersaVis™
Developed & supported by an optometrist Yes No No No
Requires a dedicated server No (if <6) Yes No No
Windows and /or Mac Yes No No No
"Type ahead" to speed data entry Yes No No No
Spectacle lens "V" codes & per diopter price add on calculated automatically Yes Using "Rx Calculator" No No
Learn the program on screen with "tool tip" rollovers (just like the web) Yes No ? ?
Spectacle lens availability automatically filtered by materials or designs (progressive "X" available in poloroid?) Yes No No No
Enter most purchased items without knowing codes or acronyms (just click on it) Yes No No No
As you type spell checking with integrated medical dictionary Yes No No No
Per job profits based on collections and cost of goods. Allows you to compare actual profit per job Yes ? ? No
Update most spectacle lens price changes at the same time (increase all photo chromic lenses by ($5.00) Yes No No No
Automatically list reimbursable tests associated with diagnosis. Yes ? ? No
Unlimited number of new windows Yes No ? ?
Constant view of past exam values in the current EMR (EHR) without clicking Yes No No No
View a simple myope EMR in one screen without scrolling or clicking (<20'' monitor) Yes No    
Minimum number of clicks to enter a basic myope 10 >20 >20 >20
Customize with new tabs on existing layouts Yes No Yes ?
Auto calculates radius/diopters for "K" and vertex for CL Yes No No No
Summarize exam as a password protected PDF that includes associated color images Yes No No No
Automates frames pricing based on "List" "Our Cost" and or "Both" Yes No No No
Store any file format (PDF, MS Word, .jpg, tiff etc) Yes No No No
Google map with directions from your patients house to your office with one click Yes No No No
Find details about patient medications from several on-line sources with one click Yes No No No
Access a free, current, on-line contact lens database to get details about a contact lens with one click. Yes No No No
Find on-line details about medications that you prescribe with one click Yes No No No
Frames Data Link-Import frames from FRAMES Data Quarterly CD No Yes Yes Yes
Track and report on location and time spent in the office No Yes ? ?
Built in connection to VSP to avoid re-entering data No Yes Yes ?

Cost of software

Per computer start up fee
(OD Link includes a money back guarantee and unlimited support for 60 days)

(call them)

(call them)
(call them)
Server software required if you have more than 5 computers $695 call call call
Monthly licence and support fee*
Practice gross <$300,000

Not always required
call them

Not always required
call them
Not always required
call them
Monthly licence and support fee*
Practice gross $300,000 to $900,000
call call call
Monthly licence and support fee*
Practice gross >$900,000
call call call
Additional office can share your main office server over an encrypted internet connection without 3rd party software

(plus static ip cost to ISP - $10-20 call your ISP)

call call call
Data Conversion Included call Included call
Secure HIPPA compliant remote access option (work from home) using "Go to my pc" $14.00/mo call call call
Electronic claims using APEX software (higher cost, better reports, easy to use))

or $.49/claim

call call call

Electronic claims using Link 2 software (lower cost, steeper learning curve)

(110 claims)
$0.15/claim over 110

call call call
Outsource (run bills, send insurance, send recalls, send letters to referring Dr's. etc.) This option is great if you have staff that are sick, or on vacation, or are not yet trained. $30.00/hr call call call

* Support after the first 60 days is limited to 1 hr of training staff on materials covered in the training videos that we provide.

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Compulink™ -800 465-4522

VersaVision™ -800 903-8774